Choosing the best YouTube to MP3 player is a difficult choice to make, considerably so since the old, popular converter sites were removed from the Internet. Luckily, this doesn’t mean that there are no good sites to check out at the moment. Many of them are so great you’ll wonder how they didn’t come up in your search results sooner!

A good YouTube-to-MP3 converter needs to possess several distinct qualities: it should provide several formats, be fast, and be free to use! No one wants to pay for an online video converter. Check out what we think about YtMp3, a great example of what a YouTube to MP3 converter should be like!

About YtMP3

YtMp3 is the best online YouTube to MP3 converter to check out if you are just looking for simplicity. There is no hassle when you wish to download a converter MP3 file: just enter the URL to the YouTube video of your choice, choose between audio and video, wait for the website to convert to the required format, and the download will be ready in no time. What love about YtMp3 is the fact that the conversion only takes a couple of seconds. If you’re performing the whole process on your laptop but you wish to store the music on a mobile device, there is a useful option that allows you to save the converted MP3 files to your Dropbox cloud storage!

Another important aspect of a YouTube to MP3 online converter website is just how it manages ads. YtMp3 feels like there are no ads at all. They only appear during the conversion process ones and you feel like they’re not even there for the rest of the time. When it comes to video conversion, you are pretty much stuck with two options to convert to: an MP3 audio file and an MP4 video file. The MP3 file is standard and it won’t take up much space on your disk. Regarding the video file option, YtMp3 won’t give you a choice of which quality to download and it won’t automatically choose the best available quality, which is a shame. Still, the website is a YouTube to MP3 converter and even having the option to download video files is a bonus!

There is a limitation on the video length. You cannot download videos that are longer than one hour. This limitation is necessary to keep the time of the conversion under several minutes. This limitation might not be so important as most people will use the website simply to download short music videos and similar.


YtMp3 is an awesome choice if you are looking to download and convert many YouTube videos quickly. If you encounter any problems during the use of the website, you can simply use their FAQ section in order to resolve some of the most common problems that occur. The website is confirmed to be safe and it should help you converting many videos no matter how long you decide to use it. You can switch the theme to dark if you get bored midway through!