The Best Free YouTube to MP3 Converters in 2020

Converting YouTube links to MP3 can’t get easier with these online tools

Extracting audio from YouTube links is something that has been around for quite a long time. However, some of the most popular websites that offered this functionality have been taken down recently and everyone is looking for an alternative. Still, many awesome websites have remained up and running and we have decided to create a top list of the best free online YouTube to MP3 converters you can use in 2020.

There is a large number of different websites online that claim to be easy to use and quality but some of them can make the whole process more complicated than it might seem. Some of the tools need to be paid for, which can be tolerated if the tool offers many other features. In other cases, there are some severe limitations on how many videos you can convert for free, or how long can each video be.

The list we’ve come up with represents YouTube to MP3 converters that are both free and functional. They can be used quite easily and you won’t have to through struggle to convert a video. You should be satisfied no matter which one you decide to stick with!

Top 5 Free YouTube to MP3 Converters

  • Mp3Juices
  • Flv2mp3
  • noTube
  • ClipConverter
  • KeepVid.Pro

1. Mp3Juices


  • Search for videos or MP3 files you’d like to download
  • Supports more than just YouTube
  • Conversion is pretty fast
  • Save converted videos to cloud accounts
  • Downloading videos should also be an option

Mp3Juices is not your usual YouTube to MP3 converter. The key difference that sets Mp3Juices apart from its competition is that you don’t paste YouTube links into the query field but, instead, you simply search for media you want to download. YouTube is not the only source available. You can convert and download files from YouTube, Soundcloud, vk, Yandex, 4shared, PromoDJ, and Archive. Also, don’t let its name fool you into thinking the website is designed only for music files. You can even search for non-music YouTube videos and the website will display results you can download as audio files.

After you enter your search query and choose the result you’d like to convert, simply click the Download button to start the conversion. The speed of the conversion depends on the length of the video. However, we tested the website with half-an-hour-long videos and we didn’t wait more than 30 seconds. Other useful options include simply playing the video to see if that’s the one you were looking for, saving the file to your Google Drive or Dropbox account, or sharing it on Facebook.

2. FLV2MP3


  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Great for downloading a large number of MP3 files
  • Download audio or video
  • Works on Mac and iOS
  • Several languages to choose between
  • Only supports YouTube videos

Flv2mp3 is quite a simple online YouTube to MP3 converter. As soon as you open the website, you should see the input field at the top of the window. Simply paste the link to your desired YouTube video, choose the format to save it, and click the Convert button in order to initiate the conversion. The conversion time will depend on the video’s length but it’s pretty fast for normal-sized videos. Supported formats include MP3, MP4, and AVI, with options to download HD videos instead of MP3 files.

The download speed is quite high and, since the tool is so easy to use, you’ll be able to convert and download multiple videos in no time. This might be great for users who are looking to enrich their music collection using songs from MP3. We love the fact that the website is translated into several other languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, and Turkish. The mobile version of the site also works very well and Apple users will be thrilled to see that you can use this website on a MacBook or an iPhone quite easily. The quality of downloaded audio files is impeccable, making Flv2mp3 just an awesome website.

3. NoTube


  • Supports more than just YouTube
  • Many different formats available for conversion
  • Download audio or video
  • Convert videos by replacing “” with “” in your browser’s address bar
  • You can either search for videos or paste direct links
  • None that we could find

As you might have noticed from the first two converters on our list, some converters rely on you to provide the link to the video you want to download and others let you manually type in keywords that will perform a search on YouTube and display the most relevant results. noTube, on the other hand, implements both of these concepts! You can either paste the link or type in your search query in order to convert a video, which is a great feature. The website also supports several different formats to convert to, including MP3, MP4, 3GP, FLV, and M4A. That being said, you can either download audio or video.

This online YouTube to MP3 converter has been translated into many different languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish. Despite its YouTube-related name, noTube supports other video platforms such as Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. Another interesting feature you can try out is to open a YouTube video and replace the “” part in the address bar with “”. That will initiate the conversion automatically! No registration is required to use the website and it will definitely grow to become one of your favorite online YouTube to MP3 converters.

4. Clipconverter


  • Supports multiple websites
  • Choose any video quality you want (up to 4K)
  • Download audio or video
  • Set up bitrate, number of channels, and the time interval to convert
  • Edit the file’s metadata
  • Music videos not supported
  • Could use the option to upload videos from your computer

ClipConverter is an awesome online tool for video conversion. It’s very simple to use! You just paste the link to the video you’d like to download, set up the format you’d like to convert the video to and continue with the process. There are quite a few different options to play with. The first option you have is to simply download the video. What we love about ClipConverter is that you can choose between all video quality options available on YouTube, supporting up to 4K videos! Also, you can change the name of the file before initiating the download.

If you plan on converting the YouTube link to an audio file, you can choose between MP3, M4A, and AAC formats. You can manually change the file’s volume, channels, bitrate, or the time interval of the video to convert, such as only converting the first three minutes of a video. Finally, you can even edit the file’s metadata. You can edit the MP3 files author, title and album. You can also download videos in the following formats: MP4, 3GP, AVI, MOV, and MKV. Besides YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, and many other websites are supported. A disadvantage would present the fact that you can’t download music files.

5. KeepVid


  • Supports more than 1000 websites
  • Download videos in their original quality (up to 4K)
  • Download entire YouTube playlists
  • Choose to download the video, audio, or video without audio
  • Site navigation can be confusing at first

KeepVid.Pro is a free, browser-based YouTube downloader. It supports videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, and many more! KeepVid.Pro is the entire package. You can download videos in each of their original qualities, in several different formats. There are several different options you can choose from: you can download the original video file, download audio-only, and even download the video without audio. You name it! Video quality goes up to 4K so don’t worry about losing any quality with the download. When it comes to audio, you can choose between different bitrates and formats. The only thing we notice that’s missing is saving the files in the MP3 format.

An amazing feature we’ve noticed that really helps set KeepVid.Pro aside from its competition is the option to download entire YouTube playlists! Simply paste the link and the download should start in no time. You’ll notice several buttons, each leading to a downloader for a different platform. The developers claim that KeepVid.Pro supports more than 1000 websites and that they keep adding more! Apart from pasting links to video files, YouTube can be searched simply by typing several keywords as a search query. That can’t be said for other supported video platforms, unfortunately. KeepVid.Pro is an amazing website that can resolve many of your problems. Make sure you pay it a visit!

What Makes a Good YouTube to MP3 Converter?

As you can see, a good YouTube to MP4 converter is all about simplicity. No one wants to go through a lot of stress to simply convert a video to an MP3 file. Also, it needs to be fast. Waiting a minute to convert a 3-minute video is too long.

Some websites offer more features and some offer less. Users will make their favorites according to their own needs to talking about the best one is too subjective. Still, the list above should cover all over your conversion needs!