YouTube Converter

No matter what kind of video you’re looking to watch, you’ll easily find it on YouTube. The variety of videos available is extensive. The YouTube platform is host to all types of videos from homemade documentaries to podcasts and movies.

With millions of videos available to watch for free, it’s easy to spend hours on YouTube. As long as you have a good internet connection, this is the perfect platform.

The downside to this is that you do need an internet connection to watch streaming video, but there are options. Now you can download your favorite YouTube videos and watch them later.

With a good YouTube video converter, you can download your favorite videos and convert them to different formats so you can watch them on your tablet, computer, or even your phone.

The good news is that it has never been easier to find good YouTube video converter software for free.

What you should look for when searching for a YouTube video converter.

A good YouTube Video converter will come with a preset profile so that it will automatically save your video with your preferred settings. You set the format, resolution, and compression that you want the video to be converted to and it will automatically save your videos with these settings.

Another important feature of a good YouTube video converter is the ability to download and convert your videos in batches. Downloading in batches can save you a lot of time and aggravation.

It is important to remember that many videos on YouTube are under copyright protection. Downloading copyrighted videos without permission from the copyright holder is also against YouTube’s Terms of Service. This shouldn’t be a problem as YouTube has many videos in the public domain.

If you like watching streaming videos, you may want to consider downloading your favorite videos and converting them so you can watch them later. There are several free YouTube video converter programs online.

The Best Features of YouTube Video Converters

Although you’ll find a number of free YouTube video converters not all of these converters are created equally. Nearly any video converter can download YouTube videos and convert them to your preferred format but it a good converter will offer more. For example, you might want a video converter that doesn’t disable most of its features until you buy the paid version. It is also important that the video conversion software has an interface that is easy to use. If the interface is too complicated to use, you’ll use it less often.

Anti-malware tools are also important. While looking for video conversion tools, always look for a program that offers you protection from malware.

How to use a YouTube video converter.

There are a couple options when it comes to video conversion. Many sites offer a service that will convert your favorite YouTube videos to your preferred format and send you a link so you can download the file. To use these sites you will need to copy the video’s URL and paste it in the video converter site. One downside to these sites is that many will require you to submit an email address so the download link can be sent to you.

You can also find video converters that act as an extension of your browser. Many YouTube video converters are actually a browser extension that will capture the video’s URL and convert it. Once the video has converted, it will then download to your device.

The next time you know you’re going to be offline, download your favorite videos and convert them with a YouTube video converter so you can watch them at your convenience.