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Instagram Video Downloader

Instagram is a social media network oriented towards creating and sharing visual content like photos and videos. Back in the day, Instagram used to be almost exclusively oriented towards photos. Today, however, it has become an emerging platform for video creation. You can simply head over to the Explore section of Instagram and you’ll be overwhelmed by videos based on your interests and accounts you already follow.

However, you won’t have any control over these videos as Instagram simply does not allow you to do anything besides watching them. This limitation may seem like too much but our honest guess is that Instagram prevented us from having too many options so that they can keep Instagram clean and simple, unlike Facebook where you have these options by default. So, what should you do if you desperately need to download a video from Instagram and Instagram does not allow that?

Using an Instagram Video Downloader

The answer to your question is using an Instagram video downloader. As its name suggests, an Instagram video downloader is a website or an app that you can use to download videos from Instagram. Considering the fact that you have no in-app option to save or download any videos, using such apps or websites is crucial if you ever need to download an Instagram video.

Instagram videos are generally quite short as Instagram imposes a one-minute limit on the length of the video. This being said, you’d always want to download the best possible video quality since videos are quite short in length. Also, even with Instagram video downloaders, you still might struggle to download all Instagram videos. If the account that posted the video is private, you won’t be able to use a third-party service to download the video as they don’t have access to it.

How to Use Instagram Video Downloader?

There are quite a few Instagram video downloaders available online but almost all of them operate on the same principle. If you want to download an Instagram video, the first thing you’ll need to do is actually getting the link to the video you want to download. This part should be done on your smartphone Instagram app.

In the Instagram app, navigate to the post you’d like to download. Left-click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner relative to the post and click the Copy Link option from the menu that will appear. You have now copied the link to the Instagram video to Clipboard.

Now, open your preferred Instagram video downloader. Almost all websites and apps will have a text field where you should paste the link to your Instagram video before clicking Convert or OK. You might need to select the video quality you want before the download begins.

A feature not originally supported by the Instagram app has been severely simplified by various Instagram video downloader websites and apps where all you need to do is paste the link to your video and it will be downloaded to your device in no time. The process is simple and you can do it on your phone or on your computer.