FLVTO - YouTube to MP3 Converter

Some online YouTube converters offer only a field for you to paste the link, they convert to MP3 and offer a download link. Such websites are simple enough and they can be useful to download multiple videos quickly and without hassle.

On the other hand, there are websites that offer some more functionalities and these websites can be useful to users who, apart from MP3, might be interested in some other available audio and video formats. These websites might feel slower to navigate through but they have their advantages as well. Flvto.biz is a great example to let's check it out together.

About Flvto.biz

The first thing anyone might notice about Flvto.biz is its neat fiery design. It looks nice and original for a relatively simple online YouTube converter and downloader. The top part of the page features an input query box where you can input the link to your media file. The box will also perform a check on the link you’ve pasted to check if it’s a legit YouTube link. After that, you can simply choose a format from the list below before clicking the Convert button. Wait for Flvto.biz to convert to the required format and click the download link!

There are quite a few formats you can choose from. When it comes to audio, you have the standard MP3 format (320 kbps). When it comes to downloading YouTube videos, you can choose between AVI and MP4, in HD quality or not, depending on your choice. Below this part of the website, you’ll notice some info regarding the website. If you are unsure about how to use the converter, you can also find the guide at the bottom of the screen. The website is responsive and it can be quite easily accessed from your mobile device and it will remain to be easy to use.

Another cool trick you can use to convert and download videos using Flvto.biz is to add “fl” between “www.” and “.youtube.com” in the link. For example, the link would look something like this: “https://www.fl.youtube.com/watch=v=...” It’s an awesome feature if you’re currently watching a video and you quickly want to convert it. For international users, you’ll be glad to see that the website has been translated into a large number of different languages. No matter where you come from, you’ll be able to enjoy the quality of this website. Finally, you should know that YouTube is not the only supported website. Some of the supported websites include Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Facebook, and many more. The resulting MP3 file is of high quality no matter which website you choose to download from.


Generally, it’s very difficult to find a flaw to Flvto.biz. The only thing we can hope for in the future is that the developers expand the website with new features that should help it become the most popular free online YouTube to MP3 converter.

For example, we’d love to see the option to download entire YouTube playlists. You could create it manually on your YouTube account and simply convert to using Flvto.biz. We highly recommend this awesome website!