Convert2MP3 - Youtube to MP3 Converter

f you’re looking for a YouTube converter website, you might be disappointed with the fact that many websites currently available are too rigged with ads or they are reported as malicious by your browser or by your antivirus. The security aspect is probably the most important one as people don’t want to get their computer infected just because they wanted to convert a couple of YouTube videos.

Even after you find a legit website, many of them are just not fast and simple enough to become your #1 choice when it comes to YouTube to MP3 converters. Convert2MP3 stands as a bright example and we have decided to show you just what it’s all about!

About Convert2MP3

Convert2MP3 is a completely free online YouTube to MP3 converter. Besides the fact you can take a YouTube link and convert to an MP3 file, you can also use to it download the actual video. Unfortunately, if you wish to download a video, you won’t be able to choose the video quality of the video. It can be used similarly to how most online video converters work: simply paste the link to your video file and Convert2MP3 will do the heavy lifting and provide you a link to download the resulting file.

A feature we simply adore about Convert2MP3 is the fact that you can use the website to search for YouTube videos. That’s right, you don’t even need to leave the website if you wish to download YouTube videos and convert to MP3! This is an advantage Convert2MP3 has over many other converter websites and it’s the reason we use t so much. The website supports up to two simultaneous conversions that can be happening in two separate browser tabs. This makes it great for rapid music downloading when you are trying to enrich your playlist as much as you can before a trip, for example.

Even though other YouTube to MP3 conversion websites often support websites other than YouTube, Convert2MP3 has decided to stick with YouTube so don’t try converting videos from other websites as it won’t work. If your videos are less than 10 minutes in size, you’ll notice how the conversions occur quite fast and often under 5 seconds. This just adds to the already long list of pros that Convert2MP3 has to offer. Fast conversion times paired with converting two YouTube videos at the same time is a deadly combination for downloading many YouTube videos in virtually no time. You won’t even have to waste time visiting YouTube and copying various links as you can search for media right there on the Convert2MP3 website!


Convert2MP3 comes dangerously close to being the perfect YouTube to MP3 converter site. It provides many useful features when it comes to downloading files quickly without delay. Even though most websites support downloading various video formats from various websites, Convert2MP3 proves to be most useful when downloading audio from YouTube. After all, it’s what it’s supposed to do from its description! If you decide to use it for those purposes, you’ll quickly find out that it’s simply next to perfect.