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Online Media Converter

There is a certain issue around the globe related to the media files we use for storing music and video and you’ve probably noticed this problem at least once. There are just too many video and audio file formats going around and it’s extremely difficult to keep track of them.

Some audio and video players might not even support certain formats unless you install a special codec and some devices might not support them at all. This problem used to be difficult to resolve but today’s is quite simple. All you had to do is to simply use an online media converter!

What is an Online Media Converter?

An online media converter is a website you can visit online and it usually features a mechanism where you can paste the link to a media file or simply upload it from your computer and convert it to a media file format from the list of supported formats by the website itself.

Online media converters also provide a link for you to download the converter file and often you can simply save it to some of your cloud accounts. They are simple to use and their functionality is vital to many users.

Advantages of Online Media Converters

Online media converters offer many useful features that often depend on which one you want to use. Some of them are simpler and faster but they offer fewer available features and others are a bit more complicated but they offer features of a full-sized software tool. Check out our list of advantages that online media converters have to offer!

  • Extracting audio from video files
  • Some video files like music videos, podcasts or videos with still images and audio in the background simply take too much space for nothing. Everything important about such videos is stored in its audio and it would be better if you could simply extract audio from them.

    Luckily, this is exactly one of the most fundamental features each online media converter has to offer. Converting video links (YouTube, Facebook, DailyMotion, etc.) to MP3 audio files has never been easier and you simply have to paste the link and watch the magic happen!

  • Converting files you couldn’t play before
  • It might have happened to you before that you’ve tried to open a video file but your video player notified you that it’s not able to play the file. Some video formats can’t be opened without additional software or codecs. In such cases, there is nothing else you can do except converting the problematic file into a different file format. You can certainly do that with online media converters!

  • Saving and downloading online videos
  • Videos available online are often stuck online unless you have a mechanism to retrieve them from the Internet. With online media converters, you can simply paste a link from one of the supported websites and your video will be ready to download in no time.

Thanks for using Online Media Converter

We hope you’ve realized everything useful about online media converters and we hope you’ll continue to use them regularly to convert media files from one to another. There is no need to download anything and the whole process is amazingly simple!

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